Projects and partnerships

The Rwanda Scouts Association conducts several projects with different partners :

Search For Common Ground

In partnership with Search For Common Ground, the RSA implemented the projectEnhancing the contributions of civil society and local authorities to human rights, governance and development processes“.

In brief, the action aims to achieve lasting and sustainable change and improve the situation of target groups. The action’s target groups include : civil society organisations (CSOs), including youth-focused and youth-led CSOs; local and national government authorities; and community radio stations. The final beneficiaries will be the communities at-large in the districts of Ngoma, Gicumbi, Nyamasheke, and Ruhango. National level policy-makers, including both government and civil society, generally based in Kigali will also be final beneficiaries. The action is grounded by the overall objective to enhance the capacity and confidence of Rwandan civil society organisations to promote more inclusive, responsive, and transparent local-level governance.

World Scoutism – Messenger Of Peace

In partnership with the Messenger Of Peance, the RSA implemented the project “Virtual scouting for life and serve to save eldery”.

To ensure that public awareness, education programmes, home-based physical/mental wellness are delivered to all (and the most vulnerable) in their own homes at their ages, we propose Telephone caregiving program aiming at reminding and accompany aging in their primary work like taking medical prescriptions, cooking… and in case” call for emergency support…

The project activities will all be carried out in Gasabo, Nyarugenge and Kicukiro Districts, the caregiver will be the scouts identified in scout unit around the elders, the unit leader will be the first adults responsible to support those young people as usual do it in senses learning programs and community services. The channel will be maintained as highlighted by administrative procedures (Patrol-Unit-Group-District-National).

Africa Scout Foundation

In partnership with the Africa Scout Foundation, the RSA implemented the project “Educating households on improving nutrition among children below 6 years old.”

This Project aims at improving the nutrition at the village level as well as eradicating stunting among children below 6 years old, improve their diet and prevent the impacts of malnutrition on pregnant and lactating mothers, such as high prevalence of disease and spending on large amounts of family income on medical care, through the Burera Youths.

Rwanda Governance Board

Coming soon.

Scouts et Guides de France

The RSA and the SGDF are partners since 2016. The partnership between these two members of WOSM is a living way of highlighting the dimension of “youth movement of our two associations”, parts of the same global fraternity seeking to achieve together the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) .

The partnership relations will focus on the following fields :

  • Educational program : The partnership must promote the exchange of practices at the level of educational programs ;
  • Youth exchange : The partnership helps to develop exchanges of young people, a privileged means of education for development and peace if they are prepared jointly, reciprocally ;
  • Support for adult resources : The partnership makes it possible to strengthen the adult resources of the two associations, in particular through the exchange of leaders, training, and the sending of volunteers ;
  • Institutional support ;
  • Multilateral partnership.

Our other partners